Joanne & Ross- Winkworth Farm Wedding

Winkworth farm is such a beautiful wedding venue in the Cotswolds. With its surrounding fields and the cotswold stone it really suites for a gorgeous english country wedding.

I met up with Joanne and Ross a couple of months before there wedding to do an engagement shoot. We went to Bibury which is a lovely part of the world where we walked around taking in all the scenery, having a good old chat and getting them used to being in front of the camera. It was a really fun afternoon!

They both really wanted the ceremony at Winkworth to be outside in the Rose garden, I had everything crossed for good weather as I’m sure everyone else did. About 30 minutes before the ceremony was about to commence all the chairs were still inside as the sky was a little grey (ok ALOT grey)- Ross with the help of his boys quickly managed to grab all the chairs over to the rose garden as a clear patch of sky opened up for is. It was perfect!!

They had a surprise in store for thier guests as they pulled into Winkworth Farm in a tractor after the ceremony. With Ross in his tweed suit it all was very fitting indeed! The true country bumpkin wedding they both dreamed of.








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