Mr and Mrs Binder – Wolverhampton DIY wedding

What a beautiful day it was. The clouds opened for only a very small amount of time but there was nothing that a few gazebos in the garden couldn’t sort out.

They got married at St Bartholomew’s church in Wolverhampton followed by a pub wedding breakfast and then it was party time at the parents house.

Adam and Sally had a lovely wedding with lots of home comforts and there was no expense or time spared on the effort put in to decorate Sally’s parents home.  There were lanterns, pom poms, jars of flowers and fairy lights hanging in every possible place. The trees were filled with glass bottles and the garden shed was nothing other than an amazing bar- with no lawn mower to be seen!!

They bought a plain cake and Sally decorated it with paper flowers, they are certainly a very creative family. Congratulations you lovely pair!!























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