Lucy & Sammi – Children’s photo shoot in the Montpellier gardens, Cheltenham

This photo shoot took place in the Montpellier gardens in Cheltenham, early this April. We met at the lovely cafe in the centre of the gardens to begin with and had a coffee as this was the week that became particularly chilly after those glorious weeks in March. Sammi had a hot chocolate which soon became coated round his cheeky face, the perfect way to get to know one another!!

I’d spoken to Lucy a fair few times before the shoot, It really felt like I was photographing a friend.

Sammi and Lucy are truly lovely around one another. We played lots of games involving sticks, running races and hide and seek, it was a heavy workout!

I always make sure I keep a fair distance when I’m shooting because I really aim to capture natural, fun and relaxed shots and none of this cheesy old fashioned, posed photography. We all went on an adventure for the morning, which basically means I get to be a kid for a couple of hours with no one questioning it!!

Can I just also mention that I absolutely LOVE Lucy’s style, the pink coat worked so well with Mr Sammi looking super cool 😉


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