Nadja & Simons Wedding -Sweet Briar Farm, Hampshire

An August wedding in Hampshire and an absolutely gorgeous day. Nadja, Simon and close family and friends came down from Croydon, London. The boys were extremely excited about the 5 star golf course that was convieniently next door, I’m sure that wasn’t a coinsidence 😉

The majority of there family joined them from all over the world making it an extremely special occasion.

It was indeed a colourful day, with wind mills, Lanterns and hearts on ribbons filling the trees and candles lighting the walk ways. Nadja had clearly worked her magic in making sure everything was perfect.

With Simon coming originally from Birmingham, UK and Nadja from Mauritius they wanted to honour their 2 very different backgrounds by having 2 ceremonies in one day. Yes this was a completely crazy idea but it absolutely worked! and yes Nadja got to wear 2 different outfits, AMAZING!… 🙂


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